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Shusuke Uchida

Hopper Inc. CEO

- Let's work worldwide! -

The working environment in the world is various now. Particularly in Japan, labor shortage is becoming one of the serious social issues due to declining birthrate and aging population. On the other hand, there are a lot of countries with very few job offers, even if they want to work.

In addition, in the countries facing labor shortage such as Japan, the governments have proactively been prepared for the acceptance of foreign workers in terms of legislation and so on. However, it is not as sophisticated as it should have been on company levels.

Therefore, we decided to develop the service that opens up people's possibilities by eliminating language barriers and setting realistic goals for work abroad.

The future we want to realize is that everyone in the entire world can take jobs regardless of their nationalities.

From the viewpoint of visa and law, however, there still exist a lot of different kinds of issues to be solved in order for companies and people to truly connect each other. Therefore, we need to tackle each issue continuously and solve them with technology and ideas.

We will contribute to future society by providing this world-changing service, Hopper, that helps people to encounter their best jobs.

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Hopper Inc.
〒106-00323-7-1-1119, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


  • Founded Hopper Inc.


    Founded Hopper Inc. in cooperation with Plucial, Inc. and SUT Inc. to launch a job posting site worldwide. (Plucial, Inc. / SUT Inc.)

  • user

    Shusuke Uchida joined Hopper Inc.


    Moved to Tokyo, and Shusuke Uchida from SUT was inaugurated as CEO.

  • Launched Hopper (excluding some functions).


    Launched the world's first global job posting site, Hopper excluding some functions. The job postings of Japanese companies began.

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